Monday, August 25, 2008


I've found my home.

Right here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not dead yet

Well, finding a new job is taking forever. I'm annoyed and frustrated and exhausted all the time. It just keeps getting worse and worse. . .

Anyway, I am posting this to let you all know I haven't started the whole "" thing yet, so it'll be a while before you'll see my new blog. Regardless, my new temporary blog home is my myspace blog. If you aren't my myspace friend, you can find me on, ""

Thank you for everyone's support. . . much love until I return.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where Is My Mind?

I will be back, but I am going to revamp my blog and name it something new and it will not be dedicated strictly to knitting.

There is so much bullshit going on, but if you listen to The Pixies "Where is My Mind?" that is the soundtrack of my life right now. I am a free radical in the sky poisoning those around me and slowly killing myself.

Nothing seriously bad has happened. I am just a mess. A big hot mess.

Friday, March 7, 2008


... ugh ... just ugh. . .

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sew, You Ho.

I love having a second job. Have I told you guys that? At the end of the day, I don't care how exhausted I am, I don't really mind that I am all frazzled. I just feel good that my bills can be paid on time and I am finally taking control of my debt. I like that in less than six months I went from my sorry ass living on credit cards to being able to buy my guitar out right with cash. It's not like I couldn't live a little smarter, like I could have spent my guitar money on a credit card first then bought it, but it's a lot better than what I was doing. Of course, going from a salary of $18500 a year at the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association to almost double helped a lot...

I still have nightmares of that hell hole.

oh oh before I get into the good stuff. My friend Dan needs help. I don't think you need myspace to see this link, but he's attempting to book a summer tour for his band and there are a few places that I can't help them with. So, if you know of good venues, please check out this link and either e-mail me (christine[dot]eriksen[at]gmail[dot]com) or myspace message the band. Here's the link!

So, I've been pretty productive lately on my crafting escapades. Observe:
I made different slippers for my "Congratulations on Your Baby Now We Can Drink Beer!" package.

The Pattern is called "Pocket Book Slippers." I know, I didn't get it either until I seamed them up...

Have I ever said how much I hate the term "Pocket Book"?

As far as sewing escapades, watch and be jealous!

I made this purse thing to take to shows, but it needs several mods and also the fabric is my favorite of all time.

It was about time to do a little shopping for myself too. I got a bunch stuff and all for work. I got new shoes to work at sushi with and new jeans. I hemmed the jeans!

Also, on Sunday I got a new pair of Flatties!

That's it! Little C out.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Could Go for Miles and Miles and Miles

Saturday, saturday. You are so beautiful, but you never last long. By 4:30 I have to scurry out and leave you, but for about eight beautiful hours I have you. And I love you for those moments.

So far I actually got quite a bit done for a Saturday.

My skinny little Misti scarf. I loved knitting every minute of it and the best part was it only took a couple days which is nothing for me. I think if I was going to write a beginning knitters book, this would be suggestion for a first knit or maybe those Mary Jane slippers. But the Mary Jane slippers involve seaming... hmm... Interesting predicament.

Here's another picture:

More baby booties. I used Misti Alpaca, which I wouldn't recommend because they don't really have structure like wool. I think I'll go and purchase some more yarn for more booties. I am kind of addicted...

I drank a beer.

I did manage to hem some pants I've been meaning to. Doesn't it look good? Oh yeah, that's just the awesomely sewn part of it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why they call them UGHs!

UGH. Look at this. Even after knitting for fucking ever, I still cannot seam worth a shit.

Exhibit A:

I've tried this like six times... this is why I avoid projects that require seaming...
(I apologize for the blurriness. After I work at sushi, my hands can't be held steady for a couple hours.)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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