Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Could Go for Miles and Miles and Miles

Saturday, saturday. You are so beautiful, but you never last long. By 4:30 I have to scurry out and leave you, but for about eight beautiful hours I have you. And I love you for those moments.

So far I actually got quite a bit done for a Saturday.

My skinny little Misti scarf. I loved knitting every minute of it and the best part was it only took a couple days which is nothing for me. I think if I was going to write a beginning knitters book, this would be suggestion for a first knit or maybe those Mary Jane slippers. But the Mary Jane slippers involve seaming... hmm... Interesting predicament.

Here's another picture:

More baby booties. I used Misti Alpaca, which I wouldn't recommend because they don't really have structure like wool. I think I'll go and purchase some more yarn for more booties. I am kind of addicted...

I drank a beer.

I did manage to hem some pants I've been meaning to. Doesn't it look good? Oh yeah, that's just the awesomely sewn part of it.

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Team Knit ! said...

Your scarf is gorgeous! Love the colours. And those baby booties are perfect- what pattern are you using, or is it your own?


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